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Magic Where the Ends Meet

Magic Where the Ends Meet

Somewhere between broke and abundance can be a magical space.  Needing to make ends meet,...

Have you ever been broke?  Through the years, I've heard countless stories of people who had nothing left to lose financially so they just went for it, desperately shoving fear aside and transforming their situations.  Broke can certainly be a motivational force for change, but what happens where the ends meet?

Somewhere between broke and abundance can be a magical space.  Needing to make ends meet, I polished off my writing skills and began earning extra money.  While helping the Kids Again Foundation, I learned about their new comfort program.  Developed to provide weighted stuffed bears to children traumatized by abuse, they needed a first donor.  Who better than a company with a teddy bear logo?!  

Our new Storybook Friends collection features weighted plush animals filled with real French lavender.  These stuffed animals help with emotional regulation, ease anxiety, promote mindfulness, encourage restful sleep, and provide a sweet friend.

For each Storybook Friend purchased, we donate one to a trusted organization dedicated to helping children recover from trauma.  Our first box of teddy bears will be gifted to the Kids Again Foundation, serving the children of Sonoma County, California.  We can't wait to send boxes of sweet stuffed animals all over the world so please reach out if your organization is interested in receiving a donation.  

If you find yourself making ends meet, remember there might just be a magical opportunity that someone else needs you to discover.