Going to Market!

Nope, not the market you might think- although, I'd love to visit our sweet friends with Southern Tots & Co. someday. The market I'm referring to is the farmers' market!  

Before founding Storybook Goods, I was a Dean of Continuing Education. During a six-year absence from this career, my appreciation and dedication for higher education strengthened. My passion for education found a new home in April when I became a Communications Manager in the field of Agriculture. My first big task was a promotional campaign dedicated to connecting consumers with the many sides of Arkansas agriculture. I quickly realized that there were so many amazing farms, markets, and agritourism destinations right around the corner that I never knew existed. The stories are rich, the struggles are real, and the produce is nothing short of amazing!  

Inspired by my recent experiences and the desire to teach my children the value and beauty of locally grown produce, we have created some fun new products with a farmers' market theme! Planning a "Berry Sweet" first birthday? You will want to see our new Berries and Blooms party set. We also have a new Storybook Post DIY kit featuring watermelons and the most adorable little red truck with fruits and veggies to decorate your Bitsy wreath. Plus, we're bringing back the Fruit Salad Bitsy kit to help celebrate!  

I hope you enjoy all our farmers' market-themed products launching June 21!  More importantly, I hope you experience agriculture in your state by visiting a market, supporting locally grown foods, or visiting a U-Pick with your children!

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