Bows and Blooms

Bows and Blooms

 Do you love a good story?  Like a behind the scenes, rest of the story type?  I'm always curious to learn how a business idea was sparked or what inspired an innovative design.  I rarely just have a random idea for any of our designs.  Sometimes, I'll spot an embroidery file that I just fall head over heels for.   Most of the time, our designs are inspired by you, our sweet and very creative clients!  The story behind our Heirloom Bows & Blooms Collection is the perfect example.  

Our precious client, and my dear friend, dreams up the most incredible design ideas.  She loves planning celebrations for her children, truly making them feel special while creating memories.  Every little detail carefully curated and thoughtfully sketched out, I was honored when she shared her vision with me and allowed me to bring it to life!  Delicate rosebuds, soft shades of pink, bows, and bonnets were the key elements for her daughter's first birthday.  I was extra nervous when I finally finished the pieces and shipped them to North Carolina.  She put so much thought and care into planning, I just wanted to bring her dream to life as she imagined.  She loved it and sent me the most gorgeous pictures!  I decided to share these pieces with all of you and they are quickly becoming some of our most popular items.  

The Heirloom Bows & Blooms Collection is extra special, not just because it's pretty or popular.  This collection was inspired by someone who has continually encouraged me, always reminding me of God's mercy and grace.  I guess you could say this collection was inspired by friendship and a sweet mom's dreams for her baby girl!

Maybe you have an idea to share?  Please do!  We would love to help bring your ideas for party goods, nursery decor, and keepsake items to life.  

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