Lemons and Leaning

Everyone fed and settled for the evening, I made a quick supply run to Hobby Lobby one recent Saturday night.  As I was walking toward my car, this old hymn popped in my head- "Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms. Leaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms".  I was a little surprised because this isn't something I'd heard in years, so I started to think about what exactly "from all alarms" meant?  Well, fast forward a couple of hours and I knew exactly what it meant.  At a moment that should have left me shaking in fear, I was calm, I was leaning.  

Life serves us plenty of lemons, doesn't it?  Over the past couple of years, several of you have shared with me stories of lemons and leaning.  Each of those, held closely to my heart, have impacted my life in ways you can't imagine.  Some of you have been served awful, rotten lemons.  Yet, you gracefully chose to hope, trust, and even share your stories.  

Maybe you are dealing with lemons?  Maybe you have a friend who could use a little help making that proverbial lemonade?  In honor of all the sweet friends, the cheerleaders, and patient customers I've been blessed to meet over the past 5 years, I've created a special summer lemon bunting!  Available at cost, this is our limited edition gift to you.  Enjoy it yourself or gift to someone special!  Each lemon bunting will have a sweet card with a message about lemons and leaning on the front and a spot for your own personalized message on the back.  All packed up in a crisp white gift bag ready to share!  

Friends, encourage someone today.  Don't pretend your life is a perfectly curated social media page, be open and honest with those around you.  Share hopes, joys, struggles, lean on one another, and turn those lemons into something really special.  



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